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De Bie Printing provides the solution every time.
Your order, even a very complex one, is in safe hands. We enjoy working with graphic design consultants.


Printed material produced with care,
that is what De Bie Printing is good at!

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Drukkerij De Bie is no more... Long live De Bie Printing!

Drukkerij De Bie continues to expand, both geographically and technically. The excellent reputation of the printing specialist from Duffel has not gone unnoticed in neighbouring countries. Services such as printing mailings and special printing techniques such as LE UV printing and inline high gloss varnish have expanded substantially. A change in name is therefore a logical evolution. 

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The buzzing of busy bees

It’s not only the printing presses that are buzzing at De Bie Printing. Up on our roof almost 100,000 bees are very busy too. From their own beehives and bee hotels De Bie’s bees pollinate flowers, vegetables and fruit.

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Master Printer has a word

As a master printer at De Bie Printing Sammy is one of the specialists who use the Heidelberg Low Energy UV press.
He really enjoys the challenge of converting a creative design into high quality printed material.  

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